Therapist Training

Learn how to use the extremely effective techniques used in the Haller Method, at your own clinic. Classes are geared toward clinicians who want in-depth knowledge on how to grow neural pathways and use the neuroplasticity research in clinical settings. The idea is to acquire skills for clinical application that are based on sound principles, years of application and clinical experience and that are research informed.

All classes can be taught on a one on one basis via mentoring. This has its advantages for decreasing travel, being highly personalized and moving forward at your own pace. This approach uses your clients and answers your direct questions. click here for the mentoring page.

Haller Method Online Courses:

We are making the training modules which include theoretical and background information available online. 

A Certification Track has been established and the modules within this will be release starting Dec 13th 2021 with Module 1: Foundations.

Module 1: Foundations can be found at: 

The very basic Body Mapping class will still be done online but the indepth information on how and why it works, how to grade the activity, how this affects social development and reading body language as well as how to assess body schema is contained in Module 2 to be release January 2021

Body Brain Mapping - the patterns only... no theory, no long pieces of info to wade through.

HM Live Courses Schedule: 

As of March the 7th, 2020, I have put all live classes on hold. There will be a hands-on competency intensive when students have completed the online modules.

Accreditation for the course already attended prior to March 2020:

NBCOT accepts these CEU's. You go on the site and upload under the section of live classes. States have accepted them for Occupational Therapy Licensing. Those that I know of are CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, MI, NY, OH, SC, TX.
These CEU's are not AOTA approved - but that really means that I have not yet paid AOTA the fee they demand for that status. Has nothing to do with their validity or acceptance by states for licensing or NBCOT for registration CEU's

PT licensing is different. Each state has a set of rules and I have not applied to each state nor paid the fees they demand for that status. I do not really know the whole process that is entailed in getting this status - however if I can help let me know.  I do not know of any difficulty by PT's yet.


This wholistic introductory class is ideal for OTs and/or Cranio Sacral Therapists with Paeds or Neuro focus, although any clinician would benefit from the information and activities.

It is a beginner class worth 1.5 PDU's

Current Online Classes

Haller Method Module 1: Foundations

Brain Patterns that govern behavior, impulses, sensitivity to surroundings, and attachment issues are shockingly easy to influence. You just have to know how.

In this 90 min online interactive course, you will discover

•The story behind the Haller Method
•The 2 theories of “Neuroplasticity” that govern everything
•The big picture of how to access specific neural pathways via primitive reflex loops
•The definition of neural maturity
•Some history of the use of “Primitive Reflexes for Rehab”
•Definition of “Noisy Brain”
•What elements make up the Haller Method and why it works


What the Haller Method covers


Classes for Treating Early Intervention: - Babies thru 3 years old

Clinical Neuroplasticity for Babies (CNB) - Connectivity
Primitive Reflex Essentials for Babies I - Flexion & Extension part 1
Primitive Reflex Essentials for Babies II - Extension part 2 and dealing with Tendon Guard
Primitive Reflex Essentials for Babies III - Rotation for latching and mobility

Classes for Treating Older Children and Adults

Foundations for Clinical Neuroplasticity - Connectivity, Neural Nets, safety
Primitive Reflex Essentials for older children / adults Il - Flexion and dealing with Tendon Guard in brief
Primitive Reflex Essentials for older children / adults IlI - Extension and dealing with Tendon Guard
Primitive Reflex Essentials for older children / adults IV - Rotation for mobility, Torticollis and structural impairments
Advanced Tendon Guard
Enmeshment and the art of knowing what you are looking at
Motor Based Grasp and Skill Development influencing handwriting