Useful free booklets

Feel free to download these resources for use within your practice. They were written with parents in mind, but the info is just as useful to OT's.


Written by Maxine Haller OTR/L

How do you know if Primitive Reflexes are inappropriately active in someone? You do a movement and see what happens. Click above for a free 10 page booklet giving exact directions and what you can do if they are innapropriately active.

Solving the meltdown struggle part 1

Written by Maxine Haller OTR/L

For parents and children who struggle with meltdowns, not just tantrums. The power struggle is exhausting and could be linked to how the brain is wired. The way information is processed is crucial to the way we interact with the world and others.

Useful Books

I recommend the following books for any OT who is looking to continue their training and keep up to date. They are available from Amazon by clicking through the link below. We earn a commission if you buy the books that helps support the work we do.

Other Trainings worth taking

Dynamic Body Balancing - Cranio Sacral Therapy by Carol Phillips DC

Quote from Carol Philips' website: "Dynamic Body Balancing (DBB) techniques are grounded in the same in-depth cranial anatomy and physiology as other schools of training in CranioSacral Therapy.  With the addition of Myofascial Unwinding and Biofield Therapies, DBB has become a beautiful form of hands-on therapy that restores balance to the mind, body and spirit. The primary difference from other similar forms of work is the application." for the complete discription please go to her site at .

Pricing is on her site at